Vermont Wedding: Kristin & Jim at the Blueberry Hill Inn

High in the hills of Goshen Vermont lies a beautiful patch of land where the BlueberryHill Inn calls home.  It was here that Kristin & Jim got married and I was on hand to capture their wedding in all it’s charming simplicity.   The venue itself is like the couple; simple, rustic, full of character and warm accessibility.  Kristin & Jim’s wedding was beautiful in so many ways.  Their venue, flowers & decor all contributed greatly to the wedding day’s unique magic.  But as you’ll see below, the weather, the sunset, & the life-affirming, get-up-and-dance guests at this celebration all made the night truly unforgettable!  It was a model wedding to capture as a photographer; it had the Vermont charm, the not uncommon weather surprises of a summer wedding in New England, all surrounding the warm embrace of this collection of family and friends.

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography blueberry hill

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (38)

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (35)

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (37)

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (34)

Kristin is a laid back type of person, so unconcerned with so many of the stresses of a wedding day, she was so great to shoot for!

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography groomsmen

Jim and the groomsmen before the ceremony.  There’re smiling so big because someone just brought out a round of beers.

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (33) cake

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (26)

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (39)

Love these origami name tags, such a nice touch and a delightful display of color.

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (25)

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography rustic

Kristin and Jim gave themselves ample time for creative images before the ceremony.  We started outside the inn and took a drive down the road to an overlook.

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography cute

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (17)

The bride and groom, driving themselves (and their photographer) to their own photo session!

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography beautiful

Kristin & Jim found this vista earlier in the week and thought it would be a great spot for some photos before the ceremony, they were right!

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography fine art

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography groom

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography portrait

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography blueberry hill

 Clouds came in just before the ceremony began, the call was made to go ahead in hopes that the rain would hold off,.. it did.

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography bride

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography father of bride

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography flowers

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography ceremony

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography Rain

 Here was the scene just after the ceremony, the rain would arrive just minutes after these foreboding clouds showed up!

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography tent

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography salad

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (14)

Kristin & Jim had one of the funnest bands I’ve ever heard at a wedding; Rusty Belle.  Just great bluesy, gritty, old timey goodness.

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography bands

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (15)

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography 1st dance

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography rainbow portrait

Yes, that’s a “double complete rainbow, all the way!”  Everyone was in total awe, Kristin and Jim could not wipe the smiles off their faces. Simply Amazing.

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography rainbow

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography rain kiss

After the rainbow miracle we were all compelled to walk around the grounds, despite some light rain, and enjoy the golden light for a while.  K&J were stunning in that light!

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography weather

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography (21)

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography sky

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography party

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography dance

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography cake

Vermont_Wedding_Photographers_Christian_Arthur_Photography sunset


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