About Chris

Hey There!
 Thanks for staying awhile and taking the time to find out a little more about me.  I’ve never been fond of talking about myself, I’ve always been more of a listener, an observer, carefully making note of the world and adding my voice.  This nature serves me well as a photographer where I need to be constantly taking in my surroundings,  and separating the mundane from the meaningful.   I love the search for those human moments, wherever I find myself shooting.

My Story…

My history in the arts began (believe it or not) at music school where I took a degree in performance and composition.  The musician in me was (and still is) just as present as the photographer.  I believe all of the arts inform and inspire one another and I’ve found music to be such a beautiful parallel to photography; sharing so many of the same concepts in it’s craft.  Ideas like form, simplicity, symbolism, tone, texture, mood; all serve both disciplines and it’s my hope that being good at one has made me better at the other.  After college I lived in Seattle for a few years, married my best friend in the world, then moved back to New England where I continue to take pictures, play music, teach; and practice my craft.

The most important thing...
Family is my inspiration, my motivation, and my beacon in times of doubt.  3 great kids and my wife, Noelle,  keep me endlessly engaged and inspired while a much bigger extended family, scattered over many miles, warms my heart from a distance.  Those times when we can all come together are so wonderful but they always pass too quickly.  I use my own family relationships as a compass to navigate the family dynamics of my clients.   Relating to my clients in this way makes the images I can create all the more genuine and emotional.   It’s such a rewarding experience to creatively capture the human emotion in front of me.  It’s one of those dream jobs…. up there on my list with being paid to play music or making people laugh.

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