You and your most cherished…

At every wedding I’ve ever been to, including my own, the most powerful aspect of the day has always been created by the loved ones gathered around the bride and groom.  The joy you’ll feel being surrounded by loved ones is just so incredible.  I will capture the essence of that and I’ll do it with compassion, sensitivity and with an artist’s eye.  Looking for those moments is what makes each wedding so fresh and exciting for me, the joy you feel on your day is simply contagious and it truly inspires.  It inspires your guests, your band, your DJ, your caterer, and especially; your photographer.

“…he was both everywhere & nowhere!”

This is how I want you to remember me as your photographer.  I’m everywhere; capturing each moment, interplay, gesture, look and detail.  I’m also nowhere, staying out of the action and out of the experience you’re having with your loved ones. But I'm not just a fly on the wall either. I do interact, engage, suggest, and when appropriate I set the stage for great photos to take place. Primarily, I'm letting you and your guests experience your day without interference, I'll be a warm and supporting presence, quietly watching, anticipating….recording.      

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The Ponds at Bolton Valley

I’m closest to a photojournalist in nature but for me, a good wedding photographer goes beyond that; with subtle suggestion, artistic interpretation & creative editing.

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It’s about knowing what to look for, why it’s meaningful, and where it connects to a larger story.

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You have to see the future at times…. you have to know a moment is coming, and be ready to capture it.

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Knowing precisely when to click the shutter is an art form in itself.

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You have to be careful sometimes not to make yourself known, or else the moment is lost.

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I think about the subject in the foreground and the connected stories found in the background.

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It’s also my job to create the opportunity for moments to take place,…sometimes with a simple “hey, let’s take a walk!”.

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Light is my playground and it's never the same twice.

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Vermont Wedding at the Round Barn in Waistfield Vermont

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Same Sex Gay Wedding in Vermont

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For me, a good wedding photographer tells the story; from up close, from far away,..and always from a place of connection to what matters.