Thanks for staying awhile and taking the time to find out a little more about me. I’ve never been fond of talking about myself, I’ve always been more of a listener, an observer, carefully making note of the world and adding my voice. This nature serves me well as a photographer where I need to be constantly taking in my surroundings, and separating the mundane from the meaningful. I love the search for those human moments, wherever I find myself shooting.

My Story

My history in the arts began (believe it or not) at music school where I took a degree in performance and composition. The musician in me is just as present as the photographer. I believe all of the arts inform and inspire one another and I’ve found music to be such a beautiful parallel to photography; sharing so many of the same concepts in it’s craft. Ideas like form, symbolism, tone, texture, mood; all serve both disciplines and it’s my hope that being good at one has made me better at the other.

My Style & Approach

My approach always begins with getting to know my clients. I'm passionate about shooting weddings, but it's my belief that wedding photography is not just about making great images. It’s also about how the couples feel with me behind the camera, from the beginning of the process through to the end. I want my clients to trust me to capture their day and produce beautiful, timeless, and honest photographs. I want their wedding photos to resonate 50 years from now, bringing them back to that most amazing day.



“Christian Arthur was simply FANTASTIC. Chris is personable and genuine, and unlike other photographers we met with, his focus was on getting to know our story and our preferences rather than pushing a photo package. When the day arrived, he was an amazing ninja. I have no idea how he managed singlehandedly to be everywhere at once, yet completely unobtrusive. He has a great eye for lighting and arrangement, and captured lots of beautiful detail shots as well as funny, touching, and spontaneous interactions”

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